In addition to the manufacturing and sale of pad printing machines and pad printing accessories, we are also able to plan and install complete automation systems to suit your requirements. Read on to get an insight into our current automation constructions:

Automation – printing of container closures  

Pad printing system with 2x LCN 131 with bunker, conveyor, corona pre-treatment, packaging unit for printing container closures

Automation – printing of vehicle parts  

Pad printing system MS 250
with sliding axis, corona pre-treatment and tilting device for printing vehicle parts

Automation – printing of tool housing  

Pad printing machine ML 350 2-colour for printing tool housing

Automation – printing of cutting tools  

Tampomark TM 85-2C with rotary plate RTV 300 for printing cutting tools


Automation – printing of electrical housing  

Pad printing system with 2x MS 130 Elcom pallet system for printing electrical housing